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Houston Deportation Defense Lawyer Works to Protect Clients

Determined Texas attorney fights removal and deportation proceedings

Sometimes referred to as deportation, removal is the legal process of expelling an immigrant from the United States and sending them back to their country of origin. If you fear that you or a loved one will be deported, working with a qualified immigration lawyer increases the likelihood that you can remain here. Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law in Houston is experienced in deportation defense, immigration law and family law. She fights to keep her clients in the United States and protect their rights. Anne represents clients in immigration court hearings, and files appeals to deportation orders.

Who can be deported from the United States?

People often think of deportation as something that only happens to undocumented immigrants. The truth is that the United States can deport any non-U.S. citizen who violates the law.

Valid grounds for deportation include but are not limited to:

  • Illegal entry to the United States
  • Violation of visa conditions
  • Changes in the circumstances that supported a visa, such as when someone in the country on an education visa no longer attends school
  • Failure to inform USCIS of an address change
  • Participation in criminal activity
  • Participation in a fraudulent “green card marriage”
  • Helping other people enter the United States illegally
  • Threatening public safety
  • Receiving public assistance, if you are a green card holder

With more than 15 years of experience practicing immigration law in Texas, Anne E. Kennedy understands how the removal process works and how to counter arguments made by government lawyers. She provides assertive deportation defense for individuals charged with all kinds of immigration violations.

What happens during removal proceedings?

In most cases, a person who is living in the United States can only be deported through a formal removal proceeding. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can arrest a person suspected of violating an immigration law, or local or federal law enforcement agents may make an arrest and turn the suspect over to ICE. If ICE wants to deport you, you will be taken into custody and given a Notice to Appear at a removal proceeding. The Notice to Appear will include the specific charges of against you and information about your court hearing.

If you or a loved one receive a Notice to Appear, consult an immigration attorney as soon as possible. Anne E. Kennedy vigorously defends immigrants in removal proceedings. At the first bond hearing, Anne will argue on the client’s behalf to urge the judge to grant an affordable bond instead of ordering the immigrant to a detention facility. By paying a bond, an immigrant is able to stay out of a detention facility as long as they attend all hearings for their case. The bond hearing is followed by a master calendar hearing, where you will be asked to admit or deny the charges against you. Next is a merits hearing. The merits hearing is where your attorney presents arguments for why you should be allowed to stay in the United States.

How do I fight deportation?

The government can only deport you if it proves it has valid grounds to carry out the removal. Possible deportation defenses include:

  • Inaccurate charges of removability included in the Notice to Appear
  • Lack of evidence presented by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Qualifying for asylum
  • Eligibility for a family-based adjustment of status, such as marriage to a U.S. citizen
  • Showing you have been in the United States for at least 10 years and your removal would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to your spouse, parent or child who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Showing it is more likely than not that you would experience persecution or torture if sent back to your home country

Anne is highly experienced in immigration appeals and “crimmigration,” which refers to matters where deportation actions are triggered due to filing of criminal charges against a non-citizen.

How can a Houston deportation defense lawyer help?

Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law in Houston, Texas defends undocumented immigrants, permanent residents and visa holders during deportation proceedings. To schedule your consultation, call 713-862-8110 or contact Anne online.

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