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Proven Houston Divorce Lawyers Pursue Favorable Terms for Spouses

Thorough litigators provide effective support when a marriage ends

Serving Texas clients for nearly 20 years, Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law delivers comprehensive representation for all types of divorce proceedings. Working out of offices in Houston and Brenham, we handle each aspect of marriage dissolution, including arrangements concerning custody, child support, property division and alimony. Whether your divorce is uncontested or marked by serous conflict, our attorneys are dedicated to helping spouses overcome challenges and achieve an outcome that helps them move forward.

Established firm outlines key aspects of Texas matrimonial law

Our firm provides sound legal guidance on a wide array of Texas divorce law, addressing issues such as:

  • Fault and no-fault divorce — Under Texas law, someone can file for divorce without alleging that their partner committed any type of misconduct. No-fault dissolutions are granted on the basis of insupportability when the parties have differences that cannot be overcome. You can also terminate the marriage if you and your spouse have lived apart for the last three years. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery, abandonment and cruelty, are also available. 
  • Residency requirements — You can file an Original Petition of Divorce if either you or your spouse has resided within the state for at least six months and within the county of filing for at least 90 days. 
  • Uncontested, contested and collaborative divorce — Childless couples who agree on each term can use the simplified uncontested divorce process. However, there still is a 60-day waiting period before the marriage can be legally dissolved. If terms are contested, the process usually takes several months. Another option is collaborative divorce, where spouses share information and work toward a settlement agreement together.
  • Provisions regarding children — If you’re a parent going through a divorce, developing an appropriate child custody and visitation plan is extremely important. The personal attention we give each client helps to create a parenting time schedule that addresses conservatorship, access and possession. Our firm also handles a full range of child support concerns, including enforcement and modification proceedings.
  • Property division — Nearly everything that either spouse obtains while the couple is married becomes community property. This means that both parties in a divorce own an equal share of each asset and debt. Splitting a bank account seems simple, but stocks, pension funds, business shares and real estate can be tougher to divide. In many families, the marital home is the most valuable asset and finding a way to divide a house equally under the state’s community property division rules can be tricky, especially if both parties wish to remain in the residence. We give divorcing spouses authoritative counsel on property division matters and strive to reach a result that both parties agree is equitable.
  • Spousal maintenance — Courts can grant spousal support if a party who was married for at least 10 years cannot meet their basic financial needs despite their best efforts. This could be due to a disability that prevents them from working outside the home or must provide care for a child with special needs. We outline the applicable law and your legal options if this is an issue in your divorce. 

Nothing can make ending a marriage pleasant, but an experienced family law helps you protect your interests and preserve your well-being as you make this significant transition into a new chapter of your life.   

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With locations in Houston and Brenham, Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law represents Texans who are going through a divorce. To schedule a free consultation, please call 713-862-8110 or contact us online. 

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