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Texas firm advises on issues relating to residence and legal authority

Nothing is more vital than the well-being of children, so parents who are going through a divorce have an obligation to see that their sons and daughters have a strong support system after the marriage ends. Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law is a firm with offices in Houston and Brenham representing Texas parents engaged in all types of child custody matters. Drawing on 20 years of experience, our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients develop sound parenting plans addressing residence, legal authority, visitation and changes that might need to be made in the future.

Firm works to develop detailed, effective parenting time plans

Determining where a child should reside after their parents split up can be a complicated choice. Our family law attorneys can help clients and their co-parents evaluate the situation thoughtfully and reach a resolution that might involve primary residence in one home or a parenting time plan where the child spends significant time in both residences. We focus on establishing a supportive environment for kids when advising parents on custody-related issues such as:

  • Possession and access — Texas law refers to a noncustodial parent’s time with their child as possession rather than visitation. Combined with access, which refers to the mother or father’s ability to communicate with their child, the goal is to make sure that a young person will maintain frequent, meaningful contact with both parents, regardless of what their primary residence might be. If you are having trouble reaching a solution on parenting time or believe that leaving your child with your co-parent might cause a problem, we’ll work to formulate a safe, fair arrangement.
  • Conservatorship — After a divorce, parents must still communicate on key concerns related to the child’s upbringing, religious faith, education and medical treatment. Conservatorship is the term used in Texas law to describe the legal authority that parents have over matters involving their children. Usually, parents can maintain a joint managing conservatorship so that both parties have a say in important choices.  
  • Factors — Deciding what is in a child’s best interests can be complex, but common factors used in these decisions include each parent’s health, their relationship with the child and the young person’s preference if he or she is 12 or older.
  • Modifications —When one parent seeks to relocate or alter an existing parenting time order in a different way, our family law attorneys try to negotiate useful modifications that are acceptable to each party. When necessary, however, we are willing to advocate in court to support or oppose a requested modification, or to enforce the terms of an order previously entered.
  • Grandparent rights — Even if you have a warm, loving relationship with your grandchildren, certain elements must be in place in order to succeed in an action seeking visitation. However, if one parent is no longer in the child’s home due to divorce, death or incarceration, the court might order that you be given the chance to spend time with your grandson or granddaughter.

Regardless of what conflicts precipitated your custody or visitation issue, our skillful lawyers strive to keep everyone focused on the needs of children.

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Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law advises parents on matters relating to Texas conservatorship, access and possession. To discuss your child custody or visitation concerns in a free consultation at our Houston or Brenham office, please call 713-862-8110 or contact us online

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