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Experienced Texas lawyers assist with all types of placements

Once you’ve chosen to bring a child into your home, there is a long process before the legal adoption is final. Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law offers effective, compassionate counsel to Texas clients so that they can avoid unnecessary complications and complete the placement as quickly as possible. Whether you’re interested in an international adoption, considering a child currently in foster care or are unsure about what is the best path, our lawyers are here for you.

Established firm handles open, closed and stepchild adoptions

Each family’s journey is different, but we answer questions for Texans on any adoption-related legal concern, such as:

  • Open adoption — In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family remain in contact after the placement. If this is your choice, we can also help set up an agreement between the parties on visitation and communications.
  • Closed and semi-open adoption — Our firm handles closed adoptions as well, where the child does not have a relationship with the birth family. There are also semi-open placements where a biological mother is updated on the child through a third party.
  • Same-sex adoption — Unlike in the past, both partners in a same-sex couple can now adopt a child at the same time. Whether one partner is the biological parent or not, we help families overcome any hurdles that might stand in their way. 
  • Stepchild adoption — Sometimes, a stepmother or stepfather chooses to adopt their spouse’s son or daughter. This might require the termination of the biological father or mother’s parental rights. If you are considering taking this step but are facing resistance, our firm advises if a judge might rule favor given the facts in your case.
  • Duration of the process — Each situation is unique, but going through the steps required for adoption usually takes at least three months and can last for several months longer, depending on the particular circumstances.
  • Adoption financial assistance — Parents who are considering adopting a child presently in foster care should know that financial support might be available if the placement is completed. Adoption assistance in the form of monthly payments can be granted when a child is at least six years old, has special medical needs or is being adopted with a sibling.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has detailed rules governing the adoption process. Our seasoned family law attorneys deliver comprehensive legal support to ease your burden. We advise on the home study, which is performed by a licensed child-placement agency, and other requirements, including  parenting skills training, a reference check, a review to see if the family is financially stable and a search to see if either parent has a criminal record. Don’t be discouraged if you believe that something might lead a reviewer to recommend against a placement in your home. Adoptive parents do not need to be perfect and our firm can help to put any potential problems into a proper context.

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From offices in Houston and Brenham, Anne E. Kennedy, Attorney at Law offers knowledgeable legal guidance to Texans who are looking to bring a child into their home through adoption. For a free consultation, please call 713-862-8110 or contact us online

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